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elamy Consulting | Your B2B Mentor.Advisor.Partner

Are you a business or a brand looking for somebody who takes the time to understand your business needs and willing to listen before coming up with ideas together to support you? We should chat!

Working with elamy Consulting, you can expect industry expertise and a mutual passion to drive growth for your business. You will receive intimate personalized sessions with founder and lead consultant Elson Yeung.

With over 15 years experience as a multi-disciplinary leader in the corporate environment, Elson brings his outside-of-the-box thinking along with his strategic and technical ability to problem solve to help people and teams get organized based on the business' current needs and long-term objectives.

Elson's motto "Balance the Art and Science of Business" has been a keystone to his success in creating and growing multi-million dollar brands with design and creativity. He has also led and executed corporate recoveries with his ability to analyze data and implement processes.

As a winner of multiple industry awards and a leader in different business structures, Elson promotes the importance of leading through collaboration to achieve success as a team. He also emphasises the need to bridge the gap between product and sales, with a focus on connecting them to the customer experience.

At elamy Consulting, we embody a Mentor.Advisor.Partnership approach. We first listen to understand your current business situation, then we will start to optimise your business together.
So go ahead, book an introduction now. We look forward to learn about your business!