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Making Clothes That Fit | Our Way

Will brands ever design clothes based on the body, or keep forcing people to fit into "industry standards"? The problem with fit is especially challenging in women's fashion. With words like plus-size and curvy being used as buzzwords instead of action, we didn't have the patience to hope for major brands to actually design clothes based on our bodies, we decided to create our own fits. We talked to different people and conducted fit studies, then we used what we learnd and in collaboration industry experts, we created our designs with our own fits, done our way.

We are not trying to change the fashion industry, we just want to make clothes that fit for those who are constantly frustrated with the struggle to find anything that they would actually be comfortable and confident wearing.

Our bodies are our bodies, there are no standards that we should need to follow or compare ourselves against, because we are all beautiful, We Are Everybeauty!