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The Design Journey with elamy Design | Fabrics

Many of you might think, the process of designing a collection or a product is quite fun. Well... YES, it actually is. The tough part, most often than not, is when it's time to make a decision. The availability of fabrics are endless, but in order to create a good design (no matter if it's a top, a skirt, even a nice sweatshirt), the trifactor of design, fit and fabric is how winners are created.

You know that elamy Signature Tee, that Go-Out Fleece Jacket, or those Stealth Ponte Pants in your closet that you just keep going back to? You might even talk to yourself and say "No one will notice that I already wore this earlier in the week right? I'll just match it up with something else", that's what I'm talking about, that item hit the trifactor.

As you can tell, we love the design process here at elamy. Beyond creating amazing designs that will fit your body better (we'll get into that in future posts), we diligently source fabrics to make sure it meets our goal to give you the most comfortable styles that you will go back to again and again, even within the same week!

Stay tuned and join us in our journey to create amazing designs for #EVERYBEAUTY and creating a #FitREVOLUTION to motive more brands to design clothes for your body, and not expect your body to fit into their "standards"